Books and writings

F.D. Maurice and the Crisis of Christian Authority (Oxford, 2005)

“A focused and able overview of Maurice that should be of interest to students of Victorian Christianity and to those concerned for the future of the Anglican Communion” (Ellen Wondra)

The High Church Revival in the Church of England. Arguments and Identities (Brill, 2017)

“Jeremy Morris, one of the finest Anglican theological historians of his generation…each one of the chapters could stand alone as fine studies in themselves” (Peter Nockles)

‘A masterly, vivid and original sketch, not just of the history but of the culture (or cultures) of the Church of England across nearly five centuries.’ Rowan Williams, poet and former Archbishop of Canterbury

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Other writings include:

‘Anglican arguments on the ordination of women’, an unpublished paper to the Malines Conversations Group, May 2022, at

‘Saint John Henry Newman and Ecumenism – An Anglican Perspective’, Theology 2022, Vol. 125 (5), 345-52, at

The Church in the Modern Age (I.B. Tauris, 2007)

“He is warm, generous and sympathetic in some places, critical and measured in others; I found all these judgements compelling and interesting.” (Tim Cooper)

Oxford History of Anglicanism Vol. 4. Global Western Anglicanism, c.1910 – present (Oxford, 2018)

“[O]ught to be standard reading for any in the ecumenical world grappling to make sense of Anglicanism…the final [chapter is] a particularly fine contribution from Jeremy Morris that ought to be read by anyone interested in the condition of religion in modern Britain” (Daniel Inman)